Hello, Privet, Hej or hello in whatever country you are from. My name is....well lets say it´s Starry or well lets use my initials L.A
Yup I know it´s a city but that´s really my initials.
Now I want to tell you a little about me.
I live in Sweden in a little town on the countryside, it doesn´t really happen alot here but when it does everyone knows it after just like 10 minutes or so.
I live with my family that considers my little brother, my mother, my father and my dog Rocky. :)
My intrests must be music (I play some intruments myself) art and traveling. Sure when you all think of traveling you think of different countrys but actually traveling is when you just see everything in your own country. You all should just know what I have seen. Well that was everything I can tell you now but if you want to know more or wants to ask something completely random do so in the ''ask me and stay awesome '' panel. Thank you for visiting my page X3
Yeah…I am bored..
  1. Yeah…I am bored..

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